Tree Planting Initiative: CNH Industrial Supports Central Elementary School in Nevada, Iowa

Apr 30, 2021 4:00 PM ET

CNH Industrial donated $2,500 to the Central Elementary School in Nevada, IA for the purchase of trees in honor of Earth Day. Each year the Central Elementary School plans a tree planting day in the community to promote community and environmental awareness to its students.

This year CNH Industrial and its employees supported the initiative. Brad Jackson, CNH Industrial Facility Manager at the Ag Information Center in Nevada, IA stated, “We learned about this great initiative through one of our employees whose children attend the Central Elementary School and were excited to be part of it to help replant trees in Harrington Park that were destroyed last August from a rare weather event called a Derecho.”

A Derecho is an inland hurricane with high winds and rain that run parallel to the ground that swept across the Central part of Iowa with winds of more than 100 miles per hour destroying homes, businesses and obviously lots of trees. The impact was particularly severe for farmers, as the Derecho hit the Corn Belt just before harvest, flattening crops and destroying hundreds of millions of bushels of commercial and on-farm grain storage bins.

The Central Elementary School partnered with Country Landscapes to supply soil, mulch and the trees that were purchased through donations from local organizations and businesses like CNH Industrial. The trees were planted by the students and CNH Industrial volunteers on April 16.

To make the event even more memorable for the children, the CNH Industrial volunteers did not only help to plant the trees, but also brought along some of the agricultural and construction equipment used at the CNH Industrial Ag Information Center training site in Nevada, IA.