WeThe15 - Creating Change for the World's Largest Marginalized Group

Aug 20, 2021 11:45 AM ET

Persons with disabilities makeup 15 percent of our world – that’s 1.2 billion people. Yet, the disability community continues to face prejudice, inequality, and lack of access every day. In fact, 40 percent of people with disabilities live under the poverty line worldwide. This week, we dive into the launch of a 10-year movement that aims to end this discrimination towards persons with disabilities.

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) is harnessing the global spotlight and power of the 2021 Tokyo Paralympic Games to launch sport’s largest ever human rights campaign - WeThe15*. This initiative brings together a coalition of international organizations from around the world to break down societal and systemic barriers that hold persons with disabilities back. It is sending off this 10-year movement with a powerful video that show’s people with disabilities as “wonderfully human.” 

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*Porter Novelli is a proud supporter of Wethe15. To find out more, please visit WeThe15.org.