What Does It Take for Companies to Engage Communities More Equitably?

Mar 7, 2022 12:00 PM ET

Community engagement has long been popular with the corporate sector. Often relegated to market research, hometown grantmaking, and volunteerism, community engagement has historically been a means for companies to “give back” or improve external brand perception. And more often than not, the approach is reactive, reputation-focused, and transactional, grounded in a “savior” mindset, where companies hold the power, resources, and answers about how to effectively support their community.

However, as stakeholder capitalism gains adherents and more corporate leaders seek to unlock the value potential of centering on racial equity, corporations should reconsider how they engage with a broader swath of community stakeholders. If our goal is to create business value and more equitable outcomes for our stakeholders, shouldn’t the path there also embody the values and principles of equity?

Read What Does it Take for Companies to Engage Communities more Equitably? to learn about 5 ways corporations can build a more equitable approach to community engagement.

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