Why I'm Attending the Living Product Expo

Cara Rude, McCool Carlson Green's Director of Interior Design, Shares Why She'll Be Joining Us This Fall
Jun 24, 2016 2:05 PM ET

I couldn’t wait to attend the first-ever Living Product Expo. The Expo was a place to create partnerships with manufacturers, designers, and producers who are passionate about creating regenerative products. I wanted to be part of this material revolution.This year at the Expo, I know that I’ll find more great products that are propelling the building industry toward a healthier place. The companies that participate in the Expo are successful because they are cross-disciplinary and willing to collaborate. Many of the most useful conversations that I had last year were with permaculture Supply Chain Specialists, chemists, and representatives from a cosmetic company. Join me at the Living Product Expo to work together to expand the ever-growing spread of healthy materials.