A New Perfect Storm: Trends in Social Change Impacted by Layoffs

I have been witnessing a new perfect storm: lots of smart, talented folks out of work + difficult economic times = a massive paradigm-shifting, full scale re-evaluation of priorities and resource allocation by job seekers and entrepreneurs. It seems as if the winds have shifted in the past few weeks. Not only do we hear from socially responsible job seekers looking to apply their skills in a meaningful way, but lately we’re also hearing from entrepreneurs looking to pool the collective available talent for the greater good. Last week alone I heard from two people who wanted to talk about how to tap into this newly available talent. There are lots of creative solutions brewing that will provide new opportunities for the implementation of social change. At the risk of again sounding Pollyanna, I’m inspired by the mounting evidence of this shifting tide. And, I’m interested in hearing from you if you have this bee in your bonnet about pooling the collective power driven by our new economic reality.