Bacardi Limited’s‭ ‬42BELOW Vodka Brand Makes Soap From Cocktail Lemons

(‬3BL Media/Justmeans‭) — ‬Cutting down on waste requires companies to be innovative.‭ ‬That‭’‬s something vodka brand‭ ‬42BELOW knows all about.‭ ‬A company owned by Bacardi Limited,‭ ‬42BELOW‭ ‬has‭ ‬launched a line of soap made from recycled cocktail lemons,‭ ‬the first of its kind.‭ ‬It signed up bars across Australia and New Zealand to collect the used lemons and fruit used in‭ ‬their‭ ‬cocktails and send them to the company’s lab‭ ‬that turns them into liquid lemon soap.‭ ‬The soap is then sent back to the bars.‭ 

Launched in early December‭ ‬2016,‭ ‬42BELOW has collected‭ ‬400‭ ‬kilograms of fruit‭ ‬waste,‭ ‬which it turned,‭ ‬into‭ ‬20,000‭ ‬sachets and‭ ‬400‭ ‬bottles of liquid soap.‭ ‬If the lemons were tossed out they would end up in a landfill where they would contribute to methane emissions,‭ ‬a greenhouse gas with a warming potential‭ ‬23‭ ‬times that of carbon dioxide.

42BELOW gets its name from New Zealand’s position on the‭ ‬42nd parallel.‭ ‬The company is no stranger to eco-friendly initiatives.‭ ‬In August,‭ ‬the company hosted the Cocktail Earth Cup where bartenders designed eco-friendly,‭ ‬zero-waste drinks.‭ ‬Following that event,‭ ‬they partnered with Junkee Media to come up with innovative ways to be more environmentally friendly.

42BELOW’s soap is not the only initiative at Bacardi Limited to reduce waste.‭ ‬Last March,‭ ‬Bacardi announced an initiative to eliminate straws and stirrers in cocktails at company events.‭ ‬The company launched the initiative at its North America regional headquarters office in Coral Gables,‭ ‬Florida and its Bombay Sapphire Distillery at Laverstoke Mill in Hampshire,‭ ‬England.‭ ‬The reason for the initiative is that plastic straws and stirrers are rank number five in the top‭ ‬10‭ ‬pieces of garbage collected in the oceans.‭ 

42BELOW’s soap and the no straw movement is part of Bacardi Limited’s wider efforts to reduce waste.‭ ‬Bacardi has a goal to eliminate landfill waste at its production sites by‭ ‬2022.‭ ‬The goal is part of Bacardi’s initiative,‭ ‬Good Spirited:‭ ‬Building a Sustainable Future.‭ ‬There are other goals within the initiative including obtaining all raw materials and packaging from sustainably sourced,‭ ‬renewable or recycled materials.‭ 

There are several‭ ‬2017‭ ‬goals.‭ ‬One is to reduce the weight of its packaging by‭ ‬10‭ ‬percent by‭ ‬2017‭ ‬and‭ ‬15‭ ‬percent by‭ ‬2022.‭ ‬Another is to reduce its water use by‭ ‬55‭ ‬percent and greenhouse gas emissions by‭ ‬50‭ ‬percent by‭ ‬2017.‭ ‬Since‭ ‬2006,‭ ‬it has improved water use efficiency by‭ ‬46‭ ‬percent and reduced its greenhouse gas intensity ratio by almost‭ ‬45‭ ‬percent.‭ 

Photo:‭ ‬42BELOW