Branding the Social Enterprise Movement

<p>I was at a pretty cool conference last week &ndash; Wavelength 100. The attendees were half corporate, half social enterprise/entrepreneur. Lots of great chat, good organic food, and interesting ideas to pursue successful partnerships between the two groups.<br /><br />One topic under discussion was that the terms &lsquo;social enterprise&rsquo; and &lsquo;social entrepreneur&rsquo; don&rsquo;t necessarily do the movement any favors. These words are unknown, confusing, and don&rsquo;t seem to fully represent who we are and what we do. Personally I find it easier to just explain exactly and specifically what I do &ndash; after all, a banker wouldn&rsquo;t say he was a capitalist or business professional, he would say he was a banker. <br /> <br />Along with this whole idea of branding &ndash; I was chatting with my partner&rsquo;s father, a professional drummer with an incredible rock CV &ndash; and he was saying how food is the new rock &lsquo;n roll. There seem to be more food programs than anything else, and celebrity chefs are absolutely ubiquitous. <br /><br />I guess what I want is for the environment to become the new food and I don&rsquo;t see why it shouldn&rsquo;t. The beauty of food is that people have to eat, regularly. The environment is even more prevalent in our lives, whether we know it or not we have to interact with it 100% of the time. The other thing about food is that you can have a pretty luxurious experience for not a lot of money; the variety of ingredients available at your average grocery store is incredible. With the environment, this is where we have to catch up, composting needs to become trendy, people need to stat competing with friends on how local they can buy, and how much packaging they can leave in the shops. Food has had a sustained success, its diversity means we can have trend after trend and continued development. The environment should easily outdo food in this regard &ndash; water, air, waste, energy, pollution, and technology &ndash; there is no end to the potential for aspiration and interest. <br /><br />Making trash sexy, this is what I do as an up-cycling specialist of industrial and commercial waste. So although I will never be a rock-star or a chef our brand, my identity as an environmental entrepreneur, easily has the potential to be as cool.</p>