CureSearch And Givesurance Work Together for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

(3BL Media/Justmeans) – September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in the U.S., highlighting why it is important to continue this fight with cancer. One percent of all new cancer cases diagnosed nationally occur in children. Sadly, it is the second-leading cause of death among children ages 5 to 14. Statistics also show that in the last 30 years, only three cancer treatments have been specifically approved for children, compared to the 90+ treatments for adults. Now, the not-for-profit organisation CureSearch for Children’s Cancer is raising awareness for the leading cause of death by disease through its social media campaign #MakeItGoldforKids, where supporters are encouraged to make everything from their social media profiles, to their t-shirts and hashtags gold.

This is just one of the Charity’s initiatives during this month. It has also created a powerful partnership with the fundraising platform, Givesurance, providing donors with a new way to support its vital work. Givesurance provides app users with a Donation Wallet, where an estimated three to five percent of users’ monthly insurance payments will be redirected to one of Givesurance’s 60 partnering charities. CureSearch will use the Givesurance program to enhance its fundraising efforts, which will also help the Charity to engage with a wider audience of new supporters to join them on their mission to end children's cancer.

This is a creative way to help in the fight against cancer. The partnership will help to build the Charity’s $10M research pipeline that will aggressively drive paediatric research grants and clinical trials. To donate to a cause like children’s cancer, Givesurance users can check their insurance eligibility with the 225+ partnering insurance carriers. If eligible, users can get back a percentage of their premium back to donate, an idea similar to rewards points or airline miles. Those using the app don't pay anything more and instead, get to do good with their money. By using Givesurance’s Donation Wallet, CureSearch will provide donors, new and old with an additional donation stream.

Givesurance was started as a way to help charities raise money through their donors’ choice of the insurance providers. Since then, it has partnered with the world’s largest insurance companies to help people receive donation credits from their insurance payment they already make. The Givesurance donation wallet gives everyone the chance to be a philanthropist at no additional cost.

Amplifying philanthropies’ awareness campaigns is one of Givesurance’s main goals. It is possible because insurance companies spend tremendous amounts of money on advertising and broker’s commissions. For example, companies like GEICO, an auto insurance business spends more than major brands like McDonald's. According to the Global CSR Study, 91 percent of global consumers are likely to switch brands to one that supports a good cause, given similar price and quality. This month, CureSearch and Givesurance are giving American consumers the power to make a difference to cancer research for children.

Photo Credit: Curesearch's Facebook Page