Ethical Consumption's New Face: Courtni Vecchiarelli

Courtni Vecchiarelli, a new writer for the ethical consumption section of Justmeans, graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder. The community of Boulder is known across the nation for their participation in green living and recycling efforts. The University also provides many classes centered on earth-friendly issues, including a world-renowned environmental studies program. It was during her time in college that Courtni’s passion for sustainable living began.

Ethical spending was a huge topic of interest for her, and she even interned at the Colorado Department of Revenue, working as a Fair Share Tax Examiner.

In 2005, she took a trip to Sacatepéquez, Guatemala, a poverty-struck city seeking American aid. Courtni helped build homes, restore several schools, distribute basic supplies, and educate the residents there. This mission work opened her eyes to the superficiality of excessive consumption, and her own capacity to make a difference.

After graduation, Courtni went on to become an accountant for a corporation owning many large ski and golf resorts around the U.S. and Canada. She learned a lot about the efforts of the outdoor entertainment industry to protect the environment, and how to maximize revenues while maintaining ethical integrity.

Courtni began her journalism career at this time, freelancing for a website offering financial advice to the 20-something audience. She felt proud that she was helping Generation Y try to fix the over-spending, “keeping up with the Jones’” mentality through her expertise.

Her career gradually transitioned towards journalism as her love affair with the written word grew, and she obtained an editing position at a news website based out of Denver. She currently works with fashion and style writers to help create quality content, and is able to combine her writing talent with her passion for the artistic aspect of attire. In this field, Courtni realized that many individuals view fashion as excessive and damaging to the environment. She began studying the eco fashion movement, trying to determine the “green” improvements that designers, producers, models, photographers and other players in the industry were making.

Courtni was drawn to Justmeans because it is a company that is trying to revolutionize the thought of today in hopes of a better world tomorrow. She wants to provide readers with environment friendly options, while not sacrificing style for sustainability. For questions, article ideas, or comments, contact Courtni at