From Green to Gold: Chinese Electric Car Company BYD leading the Way

How do automobile manufacturers compete in the 21st Century? The 21st Century’s challenge for automobile manufacturers is to be both “green and gold.” In essence, automobile manufacturers must be both good stewards of the environment while simultaneously maintaining and expanding their bottom line. Which companies have been able to do both? It turns out that through innovative practices and bold, out of the box thinking BYD is leading the way with the manufacture of electric cars of the future.

BYD’s innovative electric car, the E6, is trendy because of the type of battery they have employed which has put them ahead of U.S. manufacturers like General Motors who are increasingly getting into the business of manufacturing electric cars. What makes BYD unique, for example, is its efficient and cost effective plug-in battery “the F3DM (for ‘dual mode’), goes farther on a single charge-62 miles-than other electric vehicles and sells for about $22,000, less than the plug-in Prius and much-hyped Chevy Volt are expected to cost when they hit the market in late 2010. Put simply, this little-known upstart has accelerated ahead of its much bigger rivals in the race to build an affordable electric car.”

The ability of BYD to manufacture a battery that is both efficient and cost-effective for electric cars shows that electric cars, if manufactured using BYD’s model, do not have to be considered too expensive and therefore unlikely to displace conventional automobiles. What BYD has shown is that the reason why in the U.S. electric cars are considered too costly is because manufacturers like GM and Chevrolet rely on an expensive battery. Solving the battery problem, therefore, is likely to go a long way toward helping the U.S. auto manufacturer become more competitive and innovative to meet the demands of the 21st Century.

BYD, therefore, is a model car manufacturer because they have defied the conventional wisdom—namely that being green and gold is simply contradictory and an impossible feat. What BYD has done is show U.S. auto-manufacturers how to manufacture a clean, environmentally friendly car without sacrificing their ability to make profits. BYD’s innovation is an example of what can happen as a result of the green movement—namely with the right mind-set and business-model, U.S. auto-makers can showcase a car similar to BYD’s E6. As a result, it is time for the U.S. manufacturers to stop making excuses by becoming the world leader in the manufacturer of electric cars by following the model already set by the Chinese manufacturer BYD.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia