Got a spill? Stuck with an odor? Keep your green home clean with a few homemade remedies

Stains, dirt, grime, spills, and even pests are common banes for those in even the most green home but the difference between the eco-chic and the dirty duds are the way they get rid of said problems. It is becoming nearly common knowledge that the typical household cleaning stock is not doing our environment any favors and for those living green has meant ousting the products riddled with toxic chemicals and pollutants in favor of greener choices. There has been a boom in this marketplace with more companies realizing that not only is there a growing demand for these cleaners as more people are looking to harbor a green home but also if businesses don’t start making these changes the state of our planet is only going to get infinitely worse.

While there are now more options for the eco-conscious consumer if you wanted to make your own green home cleaning products yourself you could wind up not only saving a pretty penny but also reduce your carbon footprint a bit more by limiting the package waste. For a great cleaner that can be used for general purposes around your house you can in fact concoct your very own out of merely vinegar and water; use three parts warm water to one part vinegar and there you have it. However you can not only up the potency but also add just a hint of scent with a few drops of essential tea tree oil which has been found to be a disinfectant itself. Actually vinegar is a green home cleaning staple and will denote a post all its own so check back for that!

When you are met with an unsightly carpet spot you can find a remedy in baking soda; carefully distribute a sprinkling of it over the area on the rug and then leave it there for at least 15 minutes. Once this has been allowed to sit you will then vacuum it up; you can follow this by sprinkling some regular table salt across your carpet, allow it to stay put for again 15 minutes and from there you will vacuum the carpets and this will bring out a new shine in the rug. Baking soda can also help your green home be devoid of stinky smells; not only will it do this in the aforementioned cleaning routine above but if you add a smattering of it into the bottoms of your trash cans it will work there too. You can even combine two cups of baking soda with a few drops of essential oils to then add in a bit of a natural scent if you need a little something extra for your sniffer.

When you need to clean the bathrooms or tile around your green home you can combine two liters of water, ¼ cup of baking soda, and then ½ cup of vinegar. Mix these ingredients and get to scrubbing! Finally, if you need to add a little sheen to wood and polish that furniture you can combine ½ cup of lemon juice and 1 cup of olive oil and then pour it into a spray bottle. From there you can apply an even coating and then wipe it with a cloth. So while there are plenty of eco-friendly cleaning products you can buy, there are also items just a few aisles over in the store to let you brew them up yourself!

Photo credit: Melissa Ann Barrett