Brings Sustainable Travel to Your PC

The sustainable travel industry has seen its share of equal parts trendy and controversial museums lately. Museums that aim to glorify torture mechanisms have seen an increase in curiosity and subsequent visitation. Vaguely ethical establishments like Prison Hotels and Polygamists compound tours have also seen their share of intrigue and ticket sales as of late. So in a world that seems to be saturated with satire and thirsty for substance, it is especially refreshing to find an organization like This museum knows takes the notion of creating an environmentally friendly organization to new heights. is an art museum that runs on 100% volunteerism. Individuals as well as other environmentally conscious organizations donate their diverse talents and time to keep this impressive project up and running. Sustainable travel is a great tool for educating oneself about the perils and benefits of leading a sustainable lifestyle, and education is one of’s main assets. Visitors can sift through an array of environmental art writings and publications. Topics span from general green art to a particularly interesting publication entitled, “Whales and the Art of Letting Go.” Sustainable travel with guarantees knowledge of something new by the end your sustainable travels.

Environmental art is on the rise, beckoning talented artists from all over the world to present their environmentally conscious works. does a great job showcasing new artists on the environmental art scene. The featured new artists are as passionate about getting the word out on the state of our environment as they are talented. Sustainable travelers will surely be moved and motivated by their artwork.

Community involvement is absolutely mandatory in spreading the gospel of sustainability, and aims to equip everyone with the right knowledge to do so. The museum has created something called, “TOOLBOX,” which is a collection of necessary steps, documents, and other necessities to help others adopt the idea of sustainable living. Whether you’re moved to incorporate environmental lessons in your school day or want to present your neighborhood board with green ideas for the park, equips those willing to help with everything they need.

The best thing about is that it is truly the most sustainable form of travel you could possibly use- the internet. While electricity levels are arguable, this museum ix experienced online, so no matter where you are in the world, you can see what’s going on at Environmental events are held in person around the world quite frequently. Simply review their calendar for details on when the next sponsored event will be happening in a city or country near you.

Visit and support the notable efforts of With more environmental think tanks such as, we can put the light out on unethical museums and bring more attention to those that truly make a difference.

Photo Credit: Looking Glass