Kick Mit Empowers Girls Through Soccer

(3BL Media/Justmeans) - Sport is one of the best ways to help kids grow in a healthy way, through collaborative effort, performance and team work so they can develop interpersonal skills and gain self-confidence. So let's zoom in on a sports project aimed at girls who like playing soccer.

"kick mit" is an initiative of Laureus with support from Sport For Good, which taps the power of sport to tackle social challenges. The "kick mit" project is a girl soccer championship​ ​which has just arrived in the picturesque city of Salzburg in Austria after a successful debut run in Vienna.​ ​In this new round,​ ​200 girls aged 8 to 13 are taking part of the competition.

In order to inspire the girls, they received the visit of Thomas Morgenstern, a star of ski-jump star and Laureus Sport for Good ambassado​r. ​Morgenstern mingled among the teams on site in order to play soccer with the girls. "Looking back on my childhood and on my career, I know what great influence sports had - and in part still has - on my development. As Laureus Sport for Good ambassador I would like to work towards enabling as many kids as possible to have the same positive experiences", said the former ski-jump Olympic champion.

Girls above that age bracket can also get involved. When they are over 15 and like to play soccer, they get the chance to train as co-exercise leader. They are assigned more responsibility in connection with the social aspects of the sport in simple, modular steps so they build up their self-confidence.

A local organization called akzente, which focuses on youth in need, is helping with the implementation of "kick mit" at the Salzburg location.​ ​"The game of soccer gives the girls a chance to playfully assert themselves for their goals and needs and to organize themselves together. In this way the kids learn how to take an active part in society for the long term," said akzente managing director​,​ Alexander Mitter.

​Image credit: ​Daimler