Leverage Yourself for Responsible Careers

What is the first step to getting started? We tend to think too big and separate ourselves from where we are going, making things more difficult. Sometimes the most difficult step in doing good work is beginning where you are and creating momentum. If you want to generate a new career focus and accomplish your goals in this global age of employment we need to assess where we are and where you want to go. Your power is in the present moment and when you step into that we can see clearly what we have to offer and what to do with it. One of the easiest ways to build a bridge is to ask questions and discover the problems that are occurring and match your solutions and skills to their problem.

The transition from your former careers to a framework of Good Work starts with assessing and research. The marketplace encourages you to join the ranks of good work when you offer something of value and are consistent and willing to move forward. In leveraging your past experiences and results to bigger playing fields and arenas requires looking with the end in mind and applying yourself.

There are specific actions to take for leveraging yourself. One is to ask yourself how each of your accomplishments, and results can be used for the next step in your development. Our tendency is to do something once and then put it away or forget about it. When we ask ourselves instead, what can I do with this, and what three ways can this be useful for others, allows more results with less effort.

Employment opportunities are everywhere and require leveraging what you can do for others, and who knows you. What is important however is not to stop with just doing a good job but instead work on taking the next step and become more widely known. Leveraging is an important skill as a career requirement because to set yourself apart you need to be offering value.

Leveraging is about thinking with a longer view in mind and asking yourself different questions. When doing a project for an employer you want to inquire how might I work so that I gain more exposure, learn a new skill, become an expert in my field or find solutions to causes I believe in. It's about looking with the end and your personal vision in mind and applying it to everything you do. When one action inspires the path for further actions you produce results that build your personal brand.

The concept of leveraging is about finding ways to layer, create duplicated systems and repeat. When you perform consistently by producing results in line with your goals, you are in a process called momentum, which produces more career opportunities.

As an example you might ask yourself is how can this blog turn into an article, newsletter, a booklet and book, CD and opportunities to speak, be interviewed by the media and perhaps make enough money to start a foundation or bring an end to a global situation that you care deeply about changing.