Long Beach Goes Green with Recyclebank

reycle-bankThe City of Long Beach has become the largest city in California to reward residents for going green thanks to an incentive program between the city’s administration and Recyclebank. Residents will be rewarded for their green actions with discounts and deals from local businesses and national brands. Residents who register for a free Recyclebank account before October 15 will automatically enter a competition to win an iPad.

The points are based on the weight of the material collected from a neighborhood and Recyclebank members then automatically receive points for their efforts. But they can also use their smartphones to report any recycling efforts on the Recyclebank website, which is available for both iPhone and Android OS.

The points earned can then be redeemed for rewards, discounts and deals from local businesses and national brands. Currently, over 300 communities across the US and the UK have implemented Recyclebank. It is estimated that members earn an average of $160 in rewards value per year.

“By incentivizing green actions, we are hopeful that we can encourage more residents to be eco-conscious, while at the same time stimulating the local economy and delivering real value to families through rewards from Recyclebank,” said Lucie Poulicakos, Recyclebank’s regional vice president.

In the UK, coffee company Kenco has teamed up with TerraCycle to incentivize customers to recycle packaging waste from any coffee brand. They say local government does not always have the means to deal with the mix of materials found in refill and coffee bean bags, sachets and coffee jar lids. Therefore such materials often end up in landfills. TerraCycle has called the initiative Coffee Packaging Brigade.

Image credit: Recyclebank