My6sense - Digital Intuition All in the Palm of Your Hand

In mid July I went along to the exclusive launch of my My6sense, an iPhone application to Ecademy, the UK online network for entrepreneurs and business, mixed with social, and was immediately smitten by this new information stream that uses digital intuition to predict what content you like based on how well it gets to know you; all from the palm of your hand.

As we continue to face the sheer avalanche of online content that comes at us, which will keep growing as more and more broadcasts come through at a faster rate through mediums like Facebook, Friendfeed, Twitter etc; filter models, in my opinion, like My6sense will become a key product to our online lives. Why? because very simply - it will help us to manage this information over drive better. Taking away the stress, saving us time and enabling us to stay ahead of the game. Barak Hachamov, the founder of My6sense says, "Every day or so I find something that amazes me. We could be the filter and read 5,000 pieces of content and find what you want. But usually you want to do some other things with your life."

The way My6sense works is simple. Once downloaded on the iPhone and as you access Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others through the application, it will cleverly use an algorithm to learn about you from the way you behave as you go through your streams. It will study which links you click, how long you look at something and whether you share the content with others. The longer you use it, the better it gets to understand the content you like and puts that content at the top of your streams. For instance, a news item might have a headline that does not grab your attention, however, the content of the article could be of great interest to you - something the algorithm can predict once it knows you well enough. My6sense becomes your best buddy, making sure you get what you need.

What I find remarkable and wonderful about the application is while the algorithm can predict based on past patterns, it's also intelligent enough to adapt to our changing interests, which leads onto what else it can do. The predictive tool can be used in other ways; right now on the internet there’s a growing trend where people are using social media to publicly announce what they intend to do in the future or where they intend to be (geo-local networking Gowal, FourSquare etc.) Businesses could tap into this information through this model and be proactive in its selling approach.

My6sense is a winner because as we make our way through this digital revolution that we are currently going through, we will go from social media to social intelligence. As a result we will be faced with information overload, and a filter like My6sense will save us time, and time will be something we will have less of.

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