News Corp Goes Carbon Neutral: Surprised? (You Shouldn't Be)

And the award for first carbon neutral media company in the world goes to? Drum roll please! News Corp. Yes, you read right. The parent company of Fox News, home to some of the worst climate misinformation in the media, is a leader when it comes to climate change.

News Corp made the announcement yesterday. They achieved carbon neutrality through a combination of increases in efficiency and use of renewable energy as well as carbon offsets.

While the discord between the views espoused through Fox News and other News Corp outlets and the company’s carbon neutrality might have caught some off guard, there’s one group it hasn’t. The Carbon Disclosure Project has been getting companies to voluntarily report their carbon emissions annually since 2000.

News Corp has consistently ranked high in the Carbon Disclosure Project’s annual reports. Last year it was the leader in the consumer discretionary category and second compared to all companies in the S&P 500 who disclosed their emissions.

The Carbon Disclosure Project is committed to accelerating solutions to climate change. The idea is that companies provide information about their emissions and investors, corporations, policymakers, and others can make informed decisions on where to put their dollars.

And the Carbon Disclosure Project represents people with a lot of dollars. They represent 551 institutional investors who manage over $71 trillion in assets. In other words, they have some clout.

If you’d like to hear about their future efforts and how they drive companies like News Corp towards carbon neutrality, you can catch their Executive Chairman Paul Dickinson at the Integrated Reporting and Measuring Sustainability Conference on March 25th at The Brewery in London.

Photo credit: badjonni/Flickr