Nissan--It's Electric

The electric car is growing in popularity as an alternative to the traditional car and truck run on gasoline.  Given today's green movement and increasing desire to capitalize on such a movement, there has been a movement afoot among auto-manufacturers to go green by mass producing the electric car.  The electric car serves as a great alternative to the traditional gasoline powered car especially for environmental reasons.

However, what makes Nissan different from just any auto-manufacturer capitalizing on the hot electric car trend is that their Leaf was that their Nissan Leaf was the first electric car on the market here in the U.S. and what distinguishes it from others is, that according to the CEO of Nissan Carlos Ghosn, it "is the only zero emission car on the market.  Other electric cars use gasoline; this one there is no drop."  Furthermore, while other auto-manufacturers are just rolling out their version of the electric car, Nissan is ahead of the curve as back when the Nissan Leaf was developed, there was skepticism about the "unproven all-electric technology."

As a result, Nissan's CEO had to show back in 2006 that it made sense to invest in something that hasn't been tested before.  Sure enough after the Nissan Leaf has been proven to be a highly efficient and sought after electric car, other auto-manufacturers are jumping on the bandwagon with their own versions.  Consequently, Nissan said back when no one even thought of the possibility of an electric car--"let's try this and see if it will work," and now other electric cars are sprouting like weeds as more and more auto-manufacturers looks at innovative ways to manufacture and take advantage of a hot new trend--that of a mass produced electric car that can take advantage of a new found eco-conscious in this country.

In fact, as Nissan's CEO highlights, they have a track record going back to 2006 of recognizing that they should not wait for things to happen, but rather to make things happen on their own even if no one else happens to be doing it.  For example, even though many other auto-manufacturers back in 2006 were still investing in largely the fossil fuel dependent economy, Nissan outcompeted its competitors by recognizing that the issue of global warming as well as the need to curb the U.S. addiction to oil are paramount issues that cannot be deflected, ignored, or simply things that should be addressed at a later time.  Nissan, therefore, is an innovative company because it recognized well ahead of schedule the need to invest in green transportation.  Now others are jumping on the bandwagon after Nissan laid the foundation.

Photo Credit:  Nissan_Leaf_001.jpg