Philadelphia Eagles: Leading Green Revolution and Job Creation

With a National Call to Action, More Capital Investments in Renewables will Happen.

Where are the jobs?  With a festering high unemployment situation that shows no signs of getting better anytime soon, lawmakers, the media, and especially those who are currently unemployed and have been for months are wondering where the jobs are. The Philadelphia Eagles, a popular football team, may not only be a good football team, but they are also a great example of leading the green revolution and showing how this revolution is a job creator and may help on some small scale the unemployment situation for some Americans.  What the Philadelphia Eagles are doing specifically is adding more solar panels and wind turbines to power their stadium.

The good news for the Philadelphia Eagles is that “The team will add wind turbines, solar panels and a co-generation plant at Lincoln Financial Field over the next year.” Not only is this development good news for the environment since both wind and solar are renewable sources, it is also good for the economy in terms of job creation. In particular, “Renewable energy company SolarBlue says about 150 temporary jobs will be created by the construction process and 50 permanent jobs.” Clearly, the Philadelphia Eagles are showing how a relatively large football stadium which can be seen as an energy hog which contributes exponentially to the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere, does not have to be if they turn over to renewable sources like wind and solar.  While this is a relatively small-scale project, the fact that 150 jobs are created on a temporary basis and 50 on a permanent basis shows that indeed green jobs do exist and can happen if the investments are made early on.

As such, if 5o permanent jobs can be created as a result of just one project at a football stadium, then it stands to reason that if such projects popped up throughout the U.S., many more can be created which would certainly help in part to address the relatively high unemployment situation that currently afflicts the U.S. What is lacking right now is the sufficient call to action across the U.S. to turn away from a fossil fuel dependent economy. If there is a sufficient call to action, then there will be national government action and business decisions to invest in capital projects like what the Philadelphia Eagles are doing. The green revolution, therefore, and its associated job creation certainly hold promise for helping the U.S. economy recover. What needs to happen, however, is the will-power and national call to action, which can make the Philadelphia Eagles project multiply across the U.S.

Photo Credit: Flickr