Social Media does exactly what it says on the tin

We have all read the stories about the guy sees girl on train, makes eye contact and then poof she’s gone...he then tries to find her and he may or may not be successful. Well, there’s now, which does exactly what it says on the tin and is a social media network for daily commuters and travellers in New York, targeting people who take the same journey often on trains or planes whether daily or a weekly. The idea behind it came from its CEO, Kiran Patel and his own personal experience of commuting daily from New Jersey to New York’s Penn Station. Patel saw the same people on the train daily but never spoke to anyone and says, “These people were familiar strangers to me, and I was always eager to know more about them and interact with them. Many times, I’ve seen two people sitting next to one another, reading a book by the same author, sharing the same interest but not talking to each other because they lack a medium which would allow them to connect.” is all about connecting people in the real world through personal interactions. Occasionally we become too absorbed with our Blackberry’s, iPhones, iPads either tweeting or texting, forgetting to engage with people around us. We become used to our technology comfort zones, and though technology does help us to connect with others, it cannot replace personal meetings with people and this is where comes in to its own; making social media networking real -aiming to be one of the best ways to meet existing connections and meet new people without having to go out of your way.

Here's a story of a user who shows how she used the service to her advantage. She says, “It's a long walk from Grand Central, and cab rides are expensive by myself. I hated having to get an earlier train. So, I found a bunch of people who take the same train with me, and asked if any of them wanted to split a cab ride to that part of town. Right away I found Raya, and then Raya found Holly. Each morning we meet on the third car from the back of the 7:15 train, and we take turns bringing bagels. Having friends to share breakfast with makes the commute fun and splitting the taxi fare three ways means I get to sleep in!”

Once registered on you can link it to Facebook Connect and use the service in a variety of ways from finding other people who share similar interests on their journey or destinations, to finding people to assist passengers who are not used to travelling to helping business travellers connect while on way to a conference. The service also provides a platform for users to share photos while travelling, gathering information on their travel destination and browse hotels. I think would go down a storm here on London’s tubes!

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