Social Media Trends: LetsLunch

Here’s a new start-up that could become a social media trend, as it is well known that some of the best business deals have been done over lunch; and so taking this very simple format and formula to the next level, a new networking service has launched called, you guessed it – LetsLunch. Currently, it is focused on the entrepreneurial Silicon Valley crowd; yet hopes to expand to Los Angeles and serve the showbiz types soon. The service is free where each user pays for their own lunch, though this may change and LetsLunch may introduce premium accounts at a monthly subscription rate.

LetsLunch very simply introduces you to the movers and shakers of Silicon Valley. For entrepreneurs, these lunches could help them network and connect their way to crucial industry partnerships, other social media trends or funding deals; allowing their business dreams to come true. LetsLunch facilitates these potentially serendipitous lunch dates by matching passionate professionals, based on their social reputation scores, for lunches.

A bit like Klout for lunchtime, LetsLunch uses this social media trends concept as with enough positive feedback from lunch dates, regulars can score their way to lunch with a dream business date. The company will then sift through the data to rank the users reputation level from one to ten, and this score will be used to match the user with other would-be lunch dates. LetsLunch’s ultimate reward is a lunch meeting with a vetted VIP user, industry veterans and investors. The site selects users with the highest ratings who have participated in a minimum of four lunches each month, to have lunch with one of the coveted VIPs on their wish lists.

After signing up with LetsLunch, users add their Twitter, LinkedIn, Stack Overflow and Hacker News accounts and users then defines a personal radius for lunch get-togethers and ticks off days and times that they are free for meeting. LetsLunch e-mails the user on the day of the lunch with information on who, what, where and when details of their lunch, and afterwards the lunch participants are invited to give feedback on each other, which affects their reputation levels.

Though LetsLunch might not appeal to all budding entrepreneurs, as not everyone will love the service’s social media trends matching technique or reputation scoring method. However, saying that LetsLunch is still very popular, in spite of being a new start-up and has approximately 1,000 users, with many more wanting in. Those who are coveting the window of opportunity to join can do so if they have a high enough reputation level that precedes them. It seems that these days the social media trend is all about your online influence and your personal brand.

Photo credit: blmurch