Sodexo Reduces Waste and Carbon Emissions

Sodexo, a French food services company, is reducing its waste and carbon emissions at the food service sites where it operates. With over 32,000 client sites globally, under management, these commitments can have a big impact. 

Sodexo estimates that by 2025 it will have reduced carbon emissions by 34 percent at its food service sites and its facilities. The company plans on achieving those emissions through what it deems are simple changes such as energy efficiency measures like switching to energy efficient HVAC systems at worksites. 

Sodexo has 9,000 sites just in North America. Over 7,300 Sodexo locations in North America recover used cooking oil to convert it into biodiesel fuel, which prevents 1.3 million pounds of carbon emissions, the equivalent of not driving a car for 1.1 miles. Over 7,200 Sodexo sites in North America recycle aluminum and paper and 8,640 recycle cardboard. All of its cafes offer plant-based food choices and 49 percent of menu options are vegetarian or vegan. Eating less meat can reduce a person’s carbon footprint.

Sodexo launched its sustainability plan in 2009. Called, the Better Tomorrow Plan, it covers the 80 countries Sodexo operates in. Part of the plan is requiring its over 10,000 suppliers to pledge to conduct business with high ethical, social and environmental standards as laid out in its Supplier Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct applies to all contractors with whom Sodexo does business, including suppliers, vendors, and contractors. Sodexo revises the Code of Conduct every three years. 

Sodexo is making strides to make the food it serves more sustainable. It already has a sustainable seafood sourcing strategy in place. Part of that strategy are collaborations with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and other non-governmental organizations. The company is also working with the WWF to develop a sustainable sourcing strategy for fruits and vegetables, palm oil, soy, beef, and dairy. 

Sodexo is doing its part to reduce water use in California, a state experiencing its fifth year of severe drought. Over 40 percent of its sites are implementing water reduction initiatives. 

Photo: Sodexo