Sustainable Living and Cell Phone Recycling 101

Out with the old and in with the new; there seems to be a sort of revolving door here when it comes to cell phones but for sustainable living purposes every time you upgrade you should be sure to recycle that old phone. There has been a lot of promotion in terms of cell phone recycling and more and more manufacturers and vendors are offering the opportunity to their customers to recycle their old cell phones. There are also cell phone recycling events that also act as a fundraiser for various causes; there are even agencies whose sole purpose is to help a local charity or community set up their own cell phone recycling fundraiser.

Truth be told, sustainable living friends, there is really no shortage when it comes to potential places to send your old cell phone on to a happier second life. From brands such as LG and their ecoMobolize program that will allow you to go online and print out a shipping label or instead ask for them to foot the postage bill and send a prepaid envelope to you to the good old tried and true method of just having a recycling bin at a drop-off where you can just chuck and run. There are also programs that take your old discarded cell phones and then let you pick out a particular charity that will then receive a donation on your behalf. So not only do you have the peace of mind knowing you are doing right by your sustainable living tenets but you even get a healthy extra dose of karma from spreading even more love to a worthy cause.

When it comes to taking part or even hosting a cell phone recycling fundraiser there are multiple places you can turn to for guidance and an agenda. One such website is where they will walk you through the process and you can choose to raise money for your own worthy cause (think of it like the new age version of selling girl scout cookies to raise funds…the only down side one would suppose is that no cell phone, even the most in line with sustainable living, will ever fully live up to the glory of a Thin Mint) or you can opt to raise money for a different established charitable organization.

The recycling creed hardly begins and ends with an old cell phone and that is really one of the basics of sustainable living both at home and worldwide. It’s just that in our current times there are more and more technical gadgets that can double back for a second usage and some people are either unaware of that fact or are at a loss of where to send these products to be recycled. Along with cell phones there are places to send virtually all other devices and appliances that you have around your home and office; think computers, laptops, refrigerators, and even air conditioners. You can either check with the manufacturer or head to the EPA’s website to look up the specifics on the appliance you wish to recycle.

So if you are one of the gadget fanatics and have to have the latest models, make sure that as you blow through the outdated ones you do right by sustainable living and make sure it winds up recycled and not stewing in a landfill.

Photo credit: Adrian Clark