Sustainable Travel Option in Germany

Sustainable travel is becoming an easier option as big business realizes the potential for both profit and environmental conservation. The ability to get from Point A to Point B without leaving such a large carbon footprint is easier than ever, especially with companies like Lufthansa.

Deutsche Lufthansa is Germany’s largest commercial airline, and this week, it has become the forerunner for making travel greener. Starting in 2011, Lufthansa will begin using biofuel for some of its passenger flights. An Airbus A321 will start operating with the environmentally- friendly fuel, taking sustainable travelers to and from Hamburg and Frankfurt. The biofuel is a conglomeration of conventional fuel and vegetable oil. This is an admirable step towards a much greener society, but it does not come without some apprehension.

Lufthansa will be filling Airbus A321’s with biofuel, but this move towards sustainable travel will only last for six months. The real motivation for airline unveiling its efforts to use biofuel is to conduct an experiment for the German government. That may sound like a pitch for a bad horror film, but it does offer some promise. The experiment has been designed to study the long-term impact of allowing an aircraft to operate with biofuels. Their government wants to see if the aircraft’s performance will be changed or comprised with the use of an unconventional fuel source. Even though the initial committed use of biofuels may only be for six months, perhaps the results of the study will encourage other airliners to get onboard as well.

Naturally, six months of biofuel is a perfectly great excuse to travel to Frankfurt and Hamburg. It just so happens that there are a few delicious eateries in both locations to make your sustainable travel worth- while. Frankfurt has a plethora of fresh restaurants to choose from, but Naturbar is a tourist favorite. The casual café offers an array of menu options for vegetarians and also accommodates vegan diets. For visitors with more health stimulations, the cooks will prepare dishes tailored to your needs. If you’d like to experience a German organic supermarket, make your way to an Alnatura, a well- known and regarded organic supermarket chain. Pick up items a la carte while helping to preserve the environment.

While you’re in Hamburg, be sure to stop by Loving Hut. This international vegan chain offers vegan delicatessens and also promotes living a sustainable vegan lifestyle.  Golden Temple Teahaus is another local favorite offering an array of organic dishes, soups, and cakes. There are also a number of open- air farmer’s markets scattered throughout town.

Lufthansa begins its green flights in April 2011, leaving you plenty of time to plan your trips to Hamburg and Frankfurt. Plan your sustainable travels within the six months to make big business realize that there is a high demand for green travel.

Photo Credit: Ricardo Ricote