There is No 'Generic' Company, so Therefore there should be No 'Generic' Cover Letter!

When people tell me that they're applying to 30 jobs every day day and can't believe they're not getting call backs, I am never surprised. It takes time to find job openings, look at them carefully, do the research on a company and write a good cover letter specific to each position. The truth is though that those are the only kinds of cover letters that get anywhere.  Imagine how the employer feels going through stacks of resumes - she isn't going to be as impressed with a generic looking cover letter.  They not only lack a personal connection, they also lack an understanding of the specifics of the job or of the company.  Companies are looking for distinct people and cover letters can help you to differentiate yourself from the crowd (or in this case, the pile). So don't send in "the cover letter that I always use" because generic cover letters don't make the case for how badly you want THIS job, rather just, that you want A job.

I recommend spending time thoroughly personalizing each letter rather than spending time on mutliple submissions of the same letter across the board.  By personalizing your material, you will start to see that one thoughtful submission can go a lot farther than several generic ones.