Web 2.0 New Way for Advertising: Advertactivist.com

Would it not be a better world where web 2.0 coupled with advertising was actually making a real difference to people, to communities rather than to the big corporate entities and brands? Well, in walks Jon Simpkin and his new concept Advertacitivist.com, which he has now launched in the UK to bring that change about.

Advertactivist.com is a pioneering web 2.0 crowd funding platform that funds advertising and media campaigns that carry a positive social message. Its objective is to gather donations that will be used to fund advertising campaigns that can make a positive difference to our society, our communities, and our planet.

Currently, the global advertising industry is worth $428 billion annually. Big companies spend huge amounts on advertising campaigns to persuade us to buy their services and products. Advertactivist.com wants to turn things on its head and asks what if advertising could be used for socially positive causes? Such as raising awareness about climate change? Or a political issue that is not being talked about in the mainstream media? Till now the ludicrous costs of mainstream advertising has been off limits to the most socially conscious individuals and campaign groups.

Jon Simpkin, Founder and CEO, Advertactivist.com says, “My hope is that people join the site, become advert activists, and start using the power of advertising to highlight issues that are important to them.  The potential for this idea is huge. Imagine, say, if 100,000 people all donated money towards a massive advertising campaign that powerfully highlighted the issue of child poverty or global warming?! The extra pressure this would place on governments, corporations and individuals to act would have a great affect on solving many of the world’s problems. Getting to that level will not be easy but it is certainly worth a try.” Simpkin’s web 2.0 site already has signed up ActionAid UK with its Tax Avoidance Beer mat campaign, with other organisations coming on board soon, including a whole host of interesting media initiatives; interesting times for Advertactivist.com

Richard, Director of Fundraising at ActionAid UK says, “I really like the idea, it's a very innovative way for charities to raise funds and awareness for their ad campaigns.” Advertactivist.com is a web 2.0 concept that has the potential to provide a bigger opportunity to charities and not-for-profits for their advertising campaigns, which is normally a luxury; and hopefully this access to better advertising will lead to more success for their work, especially during these very difficult economic times. As Advertactivist.com tagline says...“Using the power of advertising in a socially beneficial way.”

Photo Credit: Action Aid UK and Advertactivist.com website