What would happen? (Humor)

<p>While not as bad as this summer's exchange rate, the dollar continues to struggle against the Euro. The combination of European economies has proven to be a powerful economic force.</p>
<p>Here's a suggestion on how the United States might compete in this new global market.</p>
<p>What would happen if we were to follow the European model to create our own&nbsp;financial powerhouse here in North America? Imagine the power of&nbsp;a currency based on the 'best of all worlds' from our neighbors to the north and south?</p>
<p>It would combine the Candian social consciousness and commitments to the environment and universal health care. From&nbsp;Mexico the currency would be supported by&nbsp;a sunrise to sunset and beyond&nbsp;work ethic and one of the most popular cuisines in the world.&nbsp;&nbsp;(There are cooks and chefs working in Veracruz today&nbsp;who could be the next stars on the Food Network making food that&nbsp;is absolutely phenomenal.)</p>
<p>And, if we follow the same naming convetion that guided the EU, we could call&nbsp;the new currency 'the Ammo'.</p>