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Qualcomm Wireless Reach is Improving Safety and Livelihoods for Fishermen in India

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To celebrate 10 years of changing lives, Qualcomm® Wireless Reach™ is launching a new video each week showcasing one of its impactful projects and highlighting the engineers behind the technology. Check out this video to learn more about how the Fisher Friend mobile application is harnessing wireless solutions to enable a new generation of fishermen in India to earn their livelihoods in a safer and more profitable manner. You’ll meet Panneerselvam, a third-generation fisherman, and Kirk Burroughs, Senior Director of Technology.

nuun hydration Runs with Whole Planet Foundation to Fund Microcredit Loans for the World’s Poor

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Whole Planet Foundation welcomes nuun hydration as a new member of the $10,000 Fund and as a sponsor of this year’s Virtual 10K Run, which aims to raise funds for microlending projects in 69 countries. “Our mission at nuun is simple in that ‘we inspire everyone to move more,’” says Kevin Rutherford, CEO (Chief Eternal Optimist) at nuun hydration.

Turning Asia’s Flood Waters into Opportunities


Utilities throughout the Asia Pacific region are investing in advanced stormwater management strategies to improve resource resilience and overall water sustainability.

The changing dynamics of weather patterns, urbanization, population and the economic/social environments are prompting the region’s utilities to enhance investments especially as increased urban development is putting pressure on available land. Rising seawater levels and increased frequency of intense rainfall events are also highlighting how water resources are managed.

Marina Bay Sands and The Venetian Macao Among The World’s Nine Most Gorgeous Casinos


Earlier this year, Architectural Digest named Marina Bay Sands and The Venetian Macao among the nine most gorgeous casinos around the world.  Others in the listing include The Ritz Club London, Wynn Las Vegas, Casino de Monte-Carlo, and Casino Baden Baden in Germany.

A Letter from Sappi North America's CEO and President Mark Gardner

Gardner discusses the state of sustainability at Sappi

In 2016, Sappi North America achieved many important milestones as we continue to transform into a more diversified, sustainable business that meets the needs of our customers, communities, employees and shareholders. As part of the Sappi Limited group, our strong cash generation (EBITDA growth of 18 percent year over year), allowed us to reduce net debt by 20 percent year on year, and our robust balance sheet created a strong platform for growth and re-investment in 2017 and beyond.

Run with Whole Planet Foundation and The Seaweed Bath Co.

Help Entrepreneurs Get Their Businesses Up and Running
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Whole Planet Foundation is warming up for its second annual Virtual 10k Run that takes place next month during August 3-7!  Nearly 100 participants have registered and because the run occurs simultaneously where you are and in the digital sphere, spaces are endless!

How $1 Billion in Change Can Change the World

It started with a simple question: Why couldn’t there be a platform to facilitate microloans between those who need help, and those who want to help all over the world?
To hear Kiva Co-founder and President Premal Shah tell it, the opportunity was sitting at the middle of that why. After returning from a family visit to India, he pondered: “If eBay and PayPal allowed complete strangers to buy and sell from one another, why can’t you invest in someone you don’t know across the globe?”

Transforming Borders with Smart Technologies


At 10:00 am PDT on July 26th, Meeting of the Minds will host a live webinar featuring Steph Stoppenhagen from Black & Veatch, Jim O’Gara from Deloitte Advisory, and Marisa Walker from Arizona Commerce Authority.

Register for the Webinar: Transforming Borders with Smart Technologies

Global Trends Shaping CSR

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We live in an era alive with possibility for those who are forward-thinking and embrace change. BNY Mellon is invested in that change and committed to creating an inclusive, sustainable world that encourages people to succeed and economies to thrive.

Understanding global trends and how they affect our stakeholders is essential to knowing where we can make the greatest difference. Technology advancements, gender equality and climate change impacts are among the trends driving change.


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