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No Shortage of Questions Surrounding Due Diligence Compliance


There certainly was no shortage of questions during Source Intelligence’s Conflict Minerals: Industry Veterans Speak Out on the Changing Requirements of Due Diligence webinar. 

The following are samples of attendees questions: 

Q. When is the audit process required? What should I expect?

Answered by Dr. Jennifer Kraus, Chief Scientific Officer of Source Intelligence:

Source Intelligence Launches "REACH and RoHS Resource Center" Today


Source Intelligence has been able to develop a truly unique program designed to help all companies address the REACH and RoHS compliance. We have a deep understanding of how supply chains work and the values placed on the relationships that exist between customers and suppliers. 

Your Guide To Eco-Friendly Fashion


“Eco-friendly fashion.” Before you get itchy just thinking about the look, feel and fit of a burlap bag, consider this: Organic/sustainable/eco-friendly clothing is beautiful, elegant, comfortable, and now it’s all the rage!  In fact, we’d venture to say that in the fashion world, “green” is the new black.

Walmart Announces New Commitments To Dramatically Increase Energy Efficiency And Renewables

Press Release

BENTONVILLE, Ark., April 15, 2013 /3BL Media/ PRNewswire/ -- Walmart President and CEO Mike Duke today announced the company's next step on the path to achieving its goal of being supplied 100 percent by renewable energy. Unveiled at Walmart's Global Sustainability Milestone Meeting, the company committed to achieving the following by Dec. 31, 2020:

Village of Pinecrest Launches a Community JustGreen™ Carbon Offset Program

Pinecrest Municipal Center is the First Local Facility to Go Carbon Neutral
Press Release

Pinecrest, Fla., April 15, 2013 –JustGreen, a Just Energy Group Inc. (NYSE/TSX: JE) brand, together with the Village of Pinecrest, Florida, are excited to announce the launch of the city’s first Carbon Offset Program. JustGreen Lifestyle and JustGreen Business Advantage offer home and business owners with unique solutions to reduce their pollution output/carbon emissions through the purchase of carbon offsets.

"You're not addressing the biggest question" | Conflict Minerals Compliance


Hundreds of Global Brand companies attended this week's Source Intelligence webinar: Industry Veterans Speak Out on the Changing Requirements of Due Diligence. We received countless questions, which we will release later this week, but what question is the "biggest question" that seems to be on anyone's mind? 

Q.) What if many suppliers are not cooperative, nor capable of digging into their supply chains (3 to 4 levels down) to determine which smelters?  Any 'solution' will be useless without valid data.

AT&T Ranked #1 on CR Magazine’s 2013 List of Top 100 Corporate Citizens


By: Beth Shiroishi, vice president of sustainability and philanthropy

In my work at AT&T, we often get so focused on the future of our company and the communities where we live and work, that we sometimes don’t pause and celebrate the accomplishments of today.  AT&T is engaged in some pretty exciting projects, and the thanks for the success of those projects goes to our employees, approximately 240,000-strong, who are utilizing their unique skills and passions to derive shared value for our business and society.

Down The Line: Steven Mufson on the Keystone XL Pipeline

Multimedia with summary

Are you interested in knowing the facts about the Keystone XL pipeline? Well, depending on the source, the “facts” vary wildly. Proponents tout the Alberta tar sands as the new Saudi Arabia, claim that the Keystone pipeline will bring 100,000 jobs and help get the US off of foreign oil. Critics, on the other hand, say the jobs are more like under 50, that all the oil will be exported, that tar sands crude is highly prone to spills, and that this project would endanger pristine wildlife habitats. So who is right?


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