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Let’s Play a Game


Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve loved games. I’m pretty sure my parents could have manipulated me into doing whatever they wanted by calling it a game. “John, I bet you can’t be silent longer than me during this five-hour car ride. Ready? Go!” Or, “John, do you think you can eat all of your vegetables in the next 60 seconds?”

...I’m encouraged by the recent trend of gamification, in particular its applications in the environmental space.

Congratulating a Friend on a Job Well Done


My Mother has always loved this week. Certainly, she is partial to Christmas. A gathering of family for a religious celebration is a wonderful occasion, and my parents do an admirable job of keeping this season sacred. Their home never feels more like home than this week.

How Psychology Bolsters Financial Inclusion


Presented by MetLife Foundation in collaboration with WSJ. Custom Studios, Multipliers of Prosperity takes a look globally at the challenges we face in confronting the issues of financial inclusion. The program dives deep into what’s working, questions what isn’t and finds the possible fixes. Most importantly, the program chronicles the triumphs of people who have taken the steps toward financial stability and the providers who have helped them reach those goals.

U.S. Chamber Foundation Heads to Mexico City for Women's Empowerment and Workforce Development Event

Interested in women's economic empowerment? Join business leaders on February 9-10 to learn how companies with operations in Mexico can successfully integrate women-owned businesses into their supply chains.

"The purchasing power of large supply chains could provide billions in sustainable impact for women. By empowering women entrepreneurs, companies can expand their base of suppliers, consumers and productive workers, while improving the lives of women and their families globally.” – From Millions to Billion: Scaling Up Women’s Empowerment Globally, a report by U.S.

As Simple, or Perhaps Complicated, as Flicking a Switch


You know what’s fun? Reminiscing about old, iconic commercials is fun. You’ve got your “Beef, It’s What’s for Dinner,” the California Raisins dancing across your screen, and some excessively persistent kid giving a limping and clearly frustrated “Mean Joe” Greene of the Pittsburgh Steelers a Coca-Cola in exchange for his sweaty, disgusting football jersey. Ahhhhhhhh, good times.

Brightening Our Corner - Fall 2015

Ray C. Anderson Foundation

Biomimicry Global Design Challenge 2015 Names Finalists. New Challenge Opens
Hundreds of innovators from around the world engaged in the 2015 Biomimicry Global Design Challenge (BGDC) to improve our global food system by looking to nature for design solutions. Eight finalist team were announced September 30 before traveling to Austin, TX for a special Biomimicry Conference at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center on October 4.

A New Kind of Olympics

by John Anderson Lanier

So what would the Olympics look like in non-sports form? Let’s assume the whole world was willing to gather for some other purpose, sending official delegations, national leaders, support staff and even fans to one city for two weeks. What if that gathering captured the same spirit of hope and enthusiasm that permeates the Olympic Games? Perhaps the focus could even be something as ambitious as solving climate change. Can you imagine that?

Empowering Women and Children, One Step at a Time


At Mary Kay, we’re committed to enriching women’s lives. Whether that’s through our irresistible products, rewarding opportunity or our positive community impact in the places where we live and work, we’re committed to making a positive change in the world. Most recently, Mary Kay’s work to support various women's issues, education for girls and efforts to end domestic violence were highlighted on an international level at the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit. 


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