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Hurricane Sandy Is Ushering in a Smarter Power System

Posted by Daniel Kammen of University of California, Berkeley
It’s ironic that a storm whose widespread blackouts left millions of Americans in the dark is finally helping us see the light.
Hurricane Sandy brought devastation and loss to the Eastern seaboard. The storm exposed the severe vulnerability of our electricity infrastructure and made global headlines as a harbinger of nature’s impacts in a climate changed world.

U.S. Utilities Ranked on Clean Energy: Report by Ceres and Clean Edge- The Minute

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Some traditional utilities are incorporating more renewable energy into their sourcing and sales portfolios, and re-inventing their business model while they do so. That’s the findings of a new report by Ceres and Clean Edge that ranks U.S. investor-owned electric utilities on their clean energy-related activities. The report, “Benchmarking Utility Clean Energy Deployment,” compiles data from over 10 sources, ranking 32 of the largest holding companies on three clean energy indicators: renewable energy sales, cumulative energy efficiency, and incremental energy efficiency.

Run a $100 Million Triple-Bottom-Line Company for Five Years, in Just 3 days

What if new technology-enabled, hands-on training programs could help business people gain years of sustainability leadership insight in just days?

Andrew Winston, author of The Big Pivot, saw a demo of the GlobStrat program recently and here’s what he said about it: "What's interesting about the GlobStrat game is how it sets up real-world conditions. Players can't avoid dealing with the hard stuff of debt, balance sheets, global competition and multi-year investment time frames. It forces you to grapple with the financial and business realities that go into achieving a triple-bottom-line result for the long term."

SPF Americas 2014 Agenda Released

Conference Agenda Offers 30+ EH&S, Sustainability and Risk Sessions

The SPF Americas 2014 agenda has been released! Click here to explore the 30+ sessions and activities planned for this year's EH&S, Risk and Sustainability technology conference. Financed completely by the Enablon community, the event is complimentary. 

Agenda overview

Latest Green News from Green Builder Media's Vantage

July 21, 2014 Edition

President Obama Addresses Climate Change Last week, I attended a meeting with President Obama, in which he addressed climate change and the urgent need to develop and implement sustainable solutions. He emphasized the fate-determining elephant in the room: Unless China and India get aggressive about climate action soon, nothing that America does really matters.

Planet: Safeway Strives to Protect the Environment

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We share one planet, and there are many ways — big and small — to help protect it. Safeway will always consider the environmental impact we have and new ways to minimize it. We encourage our employees, customers and suppliers to join us in doing the same.

Learn more about Safeway’s Planet initiatives. Join the Facebook and Twitter conversation by using the #HeartOfSafeway hashtag.

New Research: U.S. Water Pricing Disincentivizes Investment in Water Savings

Corporations and Residents Risk Depleting Their Water Supply if They Base Water Decisions on Price Alone; Water Utilities and Municipalities Must Look at the Energetic Price of Water
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Boston, MA, July 15, 2014 /3BL Media/ - In the wake of the Department of Energy report, The Water-Energy Nexus: Challenges and Opportunities, the source energy intelligence company, Energy Points, today released new research on U.S. municipal water pricing. The findings are compiled in the white paper, How Not to Price Water. It concludes that U.S.

Operational Risk Management: What All EHS Managers Should Know

Download Complimentary Report from LNS Research

Operational risks are inherently different from many other types of risks. Operational failures not only impact health, safety and the environment: they also have a direct impact on financial performance.

Energy Points Announces Platform Enhancements: Source-to-Site Energy Analysis of Products and Suppliers, Competitor Benchmarking

Energy Points Source Energy Analytics 3.0 will enable corporations to determine their most energy intensive sources by resource, product line, supplier, and/or facility, while also comparing their energy productivity against competitors.
Press Release

Boston, MA, June 26, 2014 /3BL Media/ - Energy Points, the source energy intelligence company, today announced enhancements to its Source Energy Analytics platform. The new 3.0 portal provides a framework that will extend the company’s proprietary source-to-site energy analytics to the energy analysis of products and supply chains, as well as corporate benchmarking.

Supply Chains – “Green” Just Isn’t Enough Anymore. It’s Time to Be Energy Productive.

Our World of Limited Resources and Growing Energy Demand Requires the Source Energy Analysis of Supply Chains

Why are organizations expanding the boundaries of traditional resource analysis to include their suppliers? First of all, many of these organizations realize that a majority of their actual footprints exists in their supply chains.


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