EarthxConservation: How Humans, Wildlife, and Nature Co-Exist in Today's World

Conservation leaders from Africa and the United States share principles and practices for protecting wildlife and using resources responsibly in agriculture, ranching, forestry, hunting, and fishing
Oct 13, 2020 3:35 PM ET
Press Release

DALLAS, October 13, 2020 /3BL Media/ -- EarthX introduces EarthxConservation, a new virtual conference to be hosted on October 19-21. Sessions will explore how humans, nature, and wildlife are co-existing in today’s world and how we can find even greater health and biodiversity through conservation and responsible resource use. Speakers will cover hunting, fishing, agricultural activities, and how proper management can protect the biosphere.

The global pandemic has brought to the fore the relationship between human action and the state of the natural world. Clearer skies in big cities have been one visible indication of this direct relationship, as many have paused a daily commute to work. At the other end of the spectrum, wildfires speckling the Western U.S. raise questions about what can be done to prevent further devastation.

The speakers at EarthxConservation will demonstrate the power wildlife conservation, youth education, and responsible agriculture and husbandry can have for establishing a harmonious order between humankind and the globe’s ecological systems.

African Conservation & Wildlife | The conference will begin in Africa, tackling the challenges of poaching, responsible resource use, and online wildlife trafficking. A timely discussion of the impacts COVID-19 has had on African communities, tourism, and wildlife will provide insights into forthcoming conservation efforts. Representing the African viewpoint will be icons in conservation such as Ivan Carter of The Ivan Carter Wildlife Conservation Alliance, which develops projects benefiting chimpanzees, giraffes, and more. 

U.S. Agriculture, Ranching, Forestry, and Land | Moving to the American landscape, Dr. Patrick Stover, Vice Chancellor and Dean for Agriculture and Life Sciences at Texas A&M AgriLife, will open the conversation with a keynote presentation covering the relationships between nature, conservation, and human health. From there, sessions will dive into ranching, agriculture, and forestry, each with a unique twist of conservation — from a discussion with the Cattlemen’s Land Trust to developments in regenerative agriculture to assessing the Western wildfires and the practice of prescribing fires.

U.S. Hunting, Fishing, and Wildlife | The conference will close on the topic of hunting, fishing, and wildlife in the U.S. Opening the day will be Aurelia Skipwith, Director of U.S. Fish and Wildlife, who will explain how wildlife conservation is all about people. Other panel and presentation topics include the North American model of wildlife, U.S. conservation policy, access to public lands and natural parks, and youth education. Jeff Crane, President of the Congressional Sportsmen Foundation, will also add a legislative perspective by identifying the role Pittman-Robertson Federal Aid plays in American conservation.

There is no better time to join the conversation about global wildlife conservation.

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