The Global Engagement Forum: Live is Sold Out

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Apr 4, 2017 9:00 AM ET
Press Release

WASHINGTON, April 4, 2017 /3BL Media/ – The Global Engagement Forum: Live has reached its full capacity.  Those still interested in participating in the three issues the Forum aims to address—post-harvest loss, the youth skills gap, and preventing and treating non-communicable diseases—can join in the Forum conversation on Twitter this April 4 – 5 on #GEFlive.

Hosted by PYXERA Global, on April 4 – 5, this live event will convene more than 200 leaders and innovators in Washington, D.C. looking to take action on the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (Global Goals). The Forum will address the barriers and solutions to these three challenges. Join the online conversation on Twitter with #GEFlive to hear the insights, barriers, and solutions discussed at the Forum. You will hear more about:

  1. Post-harvest Loss

“At the Dow Chemical Company, we believe reducing post-harvest loss is a global challenge that must be addressed collaboratively. We are committed to delivering innovative packaging technology and working across the value chain to develop a solution to this complex issue. I look forward to sharing Dow’s insight and learning from the unique perspective of other leaders at the Global Engagement Forum: Live.”

                        – Haley Lowry, Global Marketing Director, Dow Packaging & Specialty Plastics

Forum collaborators will share insights and address barriers to post-harvest loss reduction such as: access to knowledge, adoption of technology, access to innovation, and access to finance. 

  1. Youth Employability and The Skills Gap

“By 2020, the global economy will face a shortage of 40 million high-skilled workers, especially with STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) knowledge. At the same time, millions of young people are working poor or unemployed—85 percent of them in developing countries. Doing the math it is obvious that action is needed to support education and workforce development. This is a critical issue for our future business success, but also one where we can bring our organizational strengths to bear to make sustainable impact.”

                                    Alicia Lenze, Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility, SAP

Collaborators pursuing youth employability and the skills gap will dive into barriers young people experience when pursing a job and the challenges employers face when searching for qualified candidates. Among these include lack of experience and exposure, and limited skillsets. The Forum will take a close look at this in different countries throughout the world, as well as refugee populations.

  1. Preventing the Preventable and Treating the Treatable

“We already know that non-communicable diseases will cost over $30 trillion within the next 20 years and kill more people globally than other diseases. It is those living at the bottom of the pyramid that will be most impacted. Joining PYXERA Global Engagement Forum to work with collaborators and innovators will help us prevent, diagnose, and treat NCDs—ensuring we solve the solvable.”
                                                            - Cate O’Kane, Director of Corporate Partnerships, PSI

Experts on preventing and treating non-communicable diseases such as cervical cancer, Type 2 diabetes, and hypertension will discuss barriers at-risk and diagnosed individuals face with non-communicable diseases such as, but not limited to, address prevention, screening, detection, access to treatment, and advocacy.

The Forum is supported by group of organizations dedicated to finding solution to global challenges such as post-harvest loss, youth employability and the skills gap, and preventing and treating non-communicable diseases.

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