DuPont Celebrates International Women in Engineering Day

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On International Women In Engineering Day, we celebrate the women who are changing the world through the tireless pursuit of innovation. They’re solving real life challenges, making our world a more sustainable home, while paving the way for future generations of female engineers.

Listen in as our very own DuPont women engineers share what success looks like!

About DuPont

Life-Extending Protection for Renewable Energy Production


World Resources Institute data indicates that nearly 32% of total green house gas (GHG) emissions come from the generation of heat and electricity.*

Harnessing abundantly available solar energy to generate electricity is an important tool in reducing GHG emissions that contribute to global climate change. With solar installations increasing in all major world regions, total global solar capacity has reached well over 700 GW.

Redesigning Healthcare Packaging for a More Sustainable Lifecycle


The healthcare industry requires a broad spectrum of materials to manufacture packaging solutions medical devices, diagnostic and pharmaceutical products. Reduction in packaging waste is an increasingly important topic for the industry as it seeks to achieve a circular economy.

In 2021, DuPont partnered with B. Braun Medical Inc. to spotlight a Tyvek® medical packaging solution that addresses industry and consumer needs while having a measurable, positive impact on our shared sustainability goals.


DuPont Water Solutions Expands Free Online Learning and Thought Leadership Program

Programs used by over 30,000 water industry professionals support professional development through discussion of emerging water challenges

DuPont Water Solutions, the world’s leading water technology company, has revitalized its comprehensive program of webinars and specialist classes for water professionals, enhancing its library of more than 100 hours of learning and thought leadership content. The live and on-demand materials are designed for people working in a wide range of industries that use water technologies, including life sciences, food and beverage, chemical processing and municipal water supply and wastewater treatment.

DuPont Sustainability Report: Our Strategy


At DuPont, science and engineering are the foundation of our company and innovation is core to our business and sustainability strategy to create long-term value for our customers. Our sustainability strategy is grounded in our purpose to empower the world with the essential innovations to thrive and inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). As a premier multi-industrial company, we embrace the accelerated pace of learning, change, and expectations happening around the world and within our own communities and workforce.

DuPont Sustainability Report: Robert Gray, DuPont Climate Strategist


What is your vision of sustainability for DuPont?

I want DuPont to be the partner of choice for our customers by meeting or exceeding our 2030 sustainability goals. We have come a long way and I see increasing connectivity to creating value for our customers through our own sustainable actions. I am excited about the potential for collaboration along the value chain and this will be critical for success in Scope 3. It’s clear that organizations that embrace sustainability will be more successful than those that aren’t going forward. 

DuPont Sustainability Report: Letter From Our Chief Technology and Sustainability Officer, Alexa Dembek


Right now, we’re living in the most interconnected world we’ve ever known. Each one of us is linked in some way—by society, culture, opportunity or need; there’s an endless list of possibilities. These connections are incredibly powerful tools that spark innovation and transformation. At DuPont, our deep understanding of science and technology and close collaboration with customers enables us to create sustainable solutions that have the potential to change the world.

DuPont Sustainability Report: Letter From Our Executive Chairman and CEO, Edward D. Breen


The events of the past two years have underscored both the resilience and fragility of our global economic, environmental, and social systems. We’ve faced a worldwide pandemic, supply chain dislocations, natural disasters and more. The need for industrial transformation and collaboration has never been more urgent. Embracing change is not sufficient; we need bold actions if we are to live and work sustainability. While there is no silver bullet, responsible technology can help solve and accelerate the changes that are required.


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