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12 years 6 months ago

A handful of CSR related headlines dealing with many of the topics we've been discussing on the JustMeans blogs and updates - happy Friday everyone!

A New Measure of Success: Investors' Circle Launches the IC 20
-The importance of tracking the growth of a business is understood as fundamental to finance. Inc. Magazine has been profiling the top 500 fastest growing companies every year since 1982....

12 years 8 months ago

I've been writing about sustainable business for a while now.  And there's lots of great comment on Justmeans about social business, social enterprise, and the greening and "CSRing" of traditional business.

But more and more I'm convinced that becoming more conscious - in terms of what we are trying to achieve, as well as how we go about things - is a "critical success factor" in creating more sustainable businesses.  Here's a short summary (originally from my personal blog) about why I think becoming more conscious as we do business, whether it be social or...

12 years 8 months ago

Recently, my colleagues Jeff and Martin have been talking about Cadbury and their fair-trade initiative.

Now, as some of you may recall, I was ... we'll let's just say I was a little less than enthralled with the idea that Disney's Hannah Montana Bananas constituted CSR. Personally, I feel that, to call something CSR, a certain threshold has to be met. In my opinion...

12 years 9 months ago

Last week brought the news that Nortel is withdrawing its support for One Laptop per Child. Nortel had been one of the program's major sponsors.

While Nortel's bankruptcy is a primary reason for this action, we should not let the fact that the company's precarious financial condition distract us from the broader lessons.

Above all, Nortel's withdrawal is a potent reminded that commercial support for social enterprise is to a significant extent a symptom of a bubble economy. Charity is a luxury good that companies may believe they can no longer afford.

While academics and assorted do-gooders have touted the financial benefits of supporting social benefit, the recession highlights the extent to...

12 years 9 months ago

The Social Enterprise Coalition, in conjunction with Rise, has adopted a new certification mark designed to "raise the profile of social enterprise to key audiences." As this Third Sector article notes, the mark has prompted some criticism, with at least one social entrepreneur observing that "the mark would not be...

12 years 10 months ago

Here in New York, one of the controversial issues of the day is a proposed new tax on strip bars and erotic dance clubs. Patrons would be required to pay a $10 admission surcharge, with proceeds ostensibly going to help "victims of human trafficking, domestic violence, sexual abuse and child prostitution."

Levying a sin tax to fund public benefit initiatives is not new--it's one reason why efforts to ban alcohol and cigarettes are doomed to fail, and in this time of financial crisis the practice may...

12 years 11 months ago

The announcement that is going to concentrate on programs 'that make the most of Google's strengths in technology and information" has been the subject of some criticism, most notably Siva Vaidhyanathan's assertion that it means that "the habits and ideology of the company will lead the philanthropy rather than the needs of the communities or the planet."

Personally, I think the shift in strategy was long overdue. Google...

12 years 11 months ago

Today was the launch of Voice09, the annual UK social enterprise conference sponsored by the Social Enterprise Coalition. The keynote speaker for the event: Conservative Party leader David Cameron.

BBC News has a rundown of Cameron's speech, which focused on modernizing the government's job training system and restoring faith in free enterprise.

However, what's most significant about Cameron's keynote is that it took place at all. In the United States,...

12 years 11 months ago

President Obama's plan to place a $500,000 cap on executive pay for companies receiving bailout founds may sound familiar to people working in the nonprofit world. Proposals to cap the salary of nonprofit CEOs have been floating around for years, including a recommendation to limit executive pay to the amount of the salary of the U.S. president.

That the federal government is poised to impose a salary cap on for-profit companies highlights a key strategic issue for social enterprise: the rhetoric of venture...