Antonio Pasolini

Antonio Pasolini
Corporate Social Responsibility writer for Justmeans, Antonio Pasolini is a journalist based in Brazil who writes about alternative energy, green living and sustainability. He edits, a top web destination for news and comment on renewable energy, and contributes articles on emerging technology to Gizmag. He is also a happy herbivore.

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22 hours 38 min ago

(3BL Media/Just Means) - Another major technology company is ​increasing its commitment to ​sustainable, renewable power. Cisco has entered an agreement with NRG Renew, a subsidiary of NRG Energy, for the power company to develop a 20 megawatt solar energy facilty to supply Cisco's San Jose headquarters with clean power. This is a massive boost to the 2MW worth of solar power Cisco has installed over the last two years.

The project will be built on a 153-acre parcel called NRG Solar Blythe II and will help Cisco reach its 2017 renewable energy goal of 25 percent of the total. The project is scheduled to begin operating commercially by the...

1 day 21 hours ago

(3BL Media/Just Means) - Fish are endangered in the Mediterranean Sea. While sunlight-deprived Europeans flock to Mediterranean beaches for their summer breaks, offshore ​the action is a tad less quaint​. The old Med has turned into a jammed criss-cross of fishing activity that have led fish populations to the brink of collapse. Now it ranks as the most over​-​exploited fishing region on the planet.

The Mediterranean is a very crowded area​ indeed​. More than 20 countries have coastlines in the region, their fisheries competing in a relatively small area. Environmental agencies say that more than 65 percent of all...

3 days 17 hours ago

(3BL Media/Just Means) - Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Atlantic airline has some good news. The company posted its latest figures on greenhouse gas emissions and it has gone down by 12 percent. ​The ​Virgin Atlantic’s 2015 “Change is in the Air” Sustainability Report, which contains all this information and more, covers the airline’s progress in social responsibility and sustainability issues.

The reduction was achieved in parallel to an increase in the number of flights and passengers since 2007, the baseline used as reference. And...

1 week 17 hours ago

(3BL Media/ Just Means)– In order to mark its 15th anniversary, the UN Global Compact has launched its new official website. As part of the celebrations, the organization held a three-day event called Global Compact+15: Business as a Force for Good on June 23rd at the United Nations headquarters in New York.

The website is designed to help everyone in their quest for sustainability, from novices looking to embrace the concept to more experienced corporations leading the way in the field.


1 week 3 days ago

(3BL Media/Just Means) - Human ingenuity and creativity never fail to surprise us. As some of us may be aware, not only bees are dying out in worrying numbers, but bats are also suffering due to increased levels of ​white ​noise. Perhaps bats do not have the same cutesy image as​ other animals​ (although I defy anyone not to find this extremely cute!), but they are also really important for ecological balance, besides having an intrinsic value as any sentient being​.​ Bats can eat up to 5,000 insects per...

1 week 6 days ago

(3BL Media/Just Means) - ​An initiative called ConBio Campo Largo, based in Brazil, is aiming at preserving green, urban areas and protecting endangered forests in that country. The two-year initiative also has an educational component to improve public understanding of conservation. ​The project is being funded with a $500,000 grant from the Caterpillar Foundation​.

​ConBio operates in one of the most decimated of Brazilian biomes, which is the the Atlantic Rainforest that used to cover the country coast-to-coast at the time of colonization, reaching down to parts of Paraguay and Argentina. But these days less than 7 percent of the...

2 weeks 22 hours ago

(3BL Media​/Just Means​) - As LGBT rights become increasingly central to ​public debate​ and corporate inclusion policies, companies are becoming more vocal about their support for LGBT rights.

Technology company Symantec is one of them, and proud of it.

​The Mountain View, CA-based company recently published a blog post to celebrate Pride Week and described its latest actions to include and support its LGBT communities through its employee...

2 weeks 1 day ago

(3BL Media/Just Means) -​ Earlier this week, wind power supporters remembered Global Wind Day (June 15) to celebrate corporate support for wind energy. Simultaneously, another major company embraced renewable energy to offset emissions and mitigate their environmental impact. ​Whirlpool​,​ the world’s largest global manufacturer and marketer of​ ​home appliances​, this week broke ground on the Findlay Wind Farm​ in Ohio​​. The project is estimated to cost​ $18 million ​and falls into the ​“Wind for Industry” ​category. It is being financed by One Energy, which provides energy solutions for large electric consumers.

The wind farm will have...

2 weeks 4 days ago

(3BL Media/Just Means) - HP's operations are emitting fewer tons of greenhouse gases, according to recent data for the year 2014 compared to the company's 2010 baseline. The company achieved a 17.3 percent decrease in that period, according to its 2014 Living Progress Report. During that time, the company's operations produced 1,667,700 metric tons of CO2e emissions, which represents a 5.5 percent decrease from the 1,765,100 metric tons of CO2e produced in 2013.

To achieve the reductions, the company focused on data center consolidation, energy efficiency measures and renewable energy produced on site. Regarding the latter, the company...

3 weeks 16 hours ago

(3BL Media/Just Means) - ​The rise of fast fashion has made the public painfully aware of the human cost of clothing retailing for just a few bucks. Factory tragedies such as the Rana Plaza fire in Bangladesh in 2013, when more than 1,000 garment workers died, highlighted to the world the appalling working conditions in sweatshops, which supply some of the world's biggest retail brands.

But the tide seems to be turning in favor of ethical fashion as recent figures from Fair Trade's Apparel program indicates. Established in 2012, this special arm of the organization grew by 358 percent in 2014 alone as more companies...