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Guest Blog by Fred Boltz and Anders Granlund

The year ahead is a critical one for the planet’s climate and our collective future. In December 2015, countries will come together in Paris to finalize a global treaty that could set us on a path toward capping and eventually reducing greenhouse gas emissions. There is momentum with the recent agreement between the United States and China. More commitments are needed, but we also need to change our approaches to climate change and other stresses.

The effects of climate change are already visible around us....

1 month 3 weeks ago

Guest Blog by Tara Holmes, Communications and Marketing Manager, Future 500

More and more, across ethnic, racial, class, and geographic divides, it’s clear that women are playing the driving role influencing social, economic, and environmental policy. This role comes as no surprise as globally, according to the UN, women are most directly impacted by a changing climate and therefore have more at stake, and more to lose. 


2 months 5 days ago

Guest Blog by David Israelson

War! What is it good for? 

Absolutely nothing … except, some say, profit opportunities.

Investing in “sin” companies – weapons makers, Big Oil, polluters, tobacco, gambling firms and the like – is likely a vexing issue for most DIYers. Can investors live with themselves if they put money into companies that are known for questionable or harmful practices?

It’s an ethical minefield, no pun intended.

Consider these moral quagmires:

– Investing in weapons companies may be unpalatable to many DIY investors, but lots...

2 months 1 week ago

Nestlé, in collaboration with the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), will host its sixth Creating Shared Value Forum, in Switzerland, on 9th October.

The forum will provide a space for debate and discussion for members of academia, industry, international institutions and civil society from around the world on the changing role of business in society.

Nestlé believes that for a company to be successful over the long term and create value for shareholders, it...

2 months 1 week ago

Guest Blog by J.H. Fearless

In a groundbreaking finding, Nielsen recently reported that the majority of the world’s consumers now prefer to buy products that are socially and environmentally responsible.

Will this trend last? That depends on the individual consumer.

Who’s Buying?

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is no longer a new or vague concept in the minds of global consumers. And the increasing number of people who...

2 months 2 weeks ago

Guest blog by Sara Santiago, Stakeholder Engagement Manager at Future 500 

We rarely hear about deforestation in mainstream U.S. news, and we certainly don’t see the destruction of rainforests making the front page. Yet, rainforest destruction, particularly in Southeast Asia as acres of land are cleared for pulp and paper products and palm oil plantations, is a dire reality. Despite momentous strides made to protect the Amazon and other forests in the last decade, global tropical...

2 months 3 weeks ago

Guest Blog by Cyril Bouquet and Chloé Renault

In cities all over the world an ugly war is being fought by “traditional” taxi companies against a new form of competition from Uber and other ride-sharing services.

These newcomers’ methods aren’t news anymore: through a mobile application customers can find and reserve vehicles in their immediate area in minutes. From Los Angeles to Sydney and Singapore, these services are shaking up the taxi business and are being met with heavy resistance. Historically, taxis have fought for their place in the urban transportation spectrum by staging strikes and paralyzing cities like...

3 months 2 days ago

Guest blog by Annie White, Associate Director, Research Products, Sustainalytics

(Hong Kong) - Sustainalytics, in partnership with Channel NewsAsia and CSR Asia, has launched the Channel NewsAsia Sustainability Ranking at the 10th annual CSR Summit in Hong Kong.

As the first of its kind in Asia, the ranking was created to identify the leading firms in corporate sustainability across 10 industries and 10 key Asian economies:  China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand...

3 months 1 week ago

Guest Blog by Cheryl Heller, Founding Chair of SVA’s MFA program in Design for Social Innovation

We live in a time when self-evident, practical truths about life emerge from the mouths of self-proclaimed pundits as genius revelations. They are the kind of truths we know we know already, if we would only pay attention, the kind my friend Cheryl Kiser calls “the cutting edge of common sense.” But somehow we don’t remember them until we see them on the cover of a business book or magazine, and then we act surprised.

For example, a friend just raved about the new book, The Power of Less: The Fine Art of Limiting...

3 months 3 weeks ago

Guest Blog By Nick Sorrentino, Future 500

Future 500 is a global nonprofit specializing in stakeholder engagement and building bridges between parties at odds—often corporations and NGOs, the political right and left, and others—to advance systemic solutions to urgent sustainability challenges. The organization unites corporate and NGOs to address social and environmental issues with market-based solutions. Recently, members of the Future 500 staff held a roundtable discussion about diversity—rather, the lack of it—in their industry....