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5 years 13 hours ago

Guest Blog by Bruno Vuillier, Kraton

Sustainability. Now that this word is firmly entrenched in the business landscape, the real question is just how committed organizations are to sustainable practices vs. bottom-line results?  This is a story of two companies involved in road construction that have sustainability in their DNA, and how they are collaborating to help solve one of the industry’s great conundrums.

Skanska, a leading project development and construction company, espouses a comprehensive sustainability strategy that addresses several areas, including a “green” component that sets environmental...

5 years 1 month ago

Guest blog by Kathryn Beaven, DP World

It’s widely accepted that businesses can and should play a positive role in the communities where they operate. How it happens can change depending on the location and the business sector but the desire to be a good corporate citizen remains.

But what does that mean? As a major global trade enabler with over 36,000 employees across six continents, DP World is committed to building a vibrant, secure and resilient society wherever we are. We know that every country is different, from their regulations and laws, to their culture and the needs...

5 years 1 month ago

Guest Blog by Joe Keefe, President/CEO, Pax World Funds

When industry leaders look at the future of sustainable investing, our tendency is to pat ourselves on the back for the tremendous progress we have made and make optimistic predictions about the wonderful progress that still lies ahead. While not wanting to be the skunk at the garden party, and while remaining a die-hard optimist when it comes to possibilities, I am more pessimistic about probabilities if we remain on our current course. We need to up our game.

I assume that none of us believe that the global community will adequately address climate change and...

5 years 1 month ago

(3BL Media/Justmeans) — The growing demand for ESG transparency is driving adoption of MSCI ESG Quality Score, values and risk metrics. In response, MSCI ESG Research has announced that MSCI ESG Fund Metrics is now available on 10 market data platforms globally in a move to help financial advisors and wealth managers provide their clients with environmental, social and governance (ESG) portfolio transparency.

MSCI ESG Fund Metrics aims to provide insight into the overall ESG quality of mutual fund and exchanged-traded fund (ETFs) holdings. The scores and metrics are derived from...

5 years 1 month ago

Guest blog by Taproot Foundation

Pro bono service is a movement. It’s made up of people who see not just a challenge in their communities, but a solution. The movement is filled with nonprofit professionals who refuse to be held back by their lack of resources. They’re scrappy, determined, and bursting at the seams with ideas to make their communities a better place. And the movement is fueled by companies and corporate professionals who wake up with their hands raised, ready to work alongside their community partners to make those ideas a reality.

Each year at the end of October, Taproot...

5 years 2 months ago

Guest Blog by Dr Peter Harrop, Chairman, IDTechEx

All the publicity currently goes to the race to make regular and premium cars have longer range. This is because most people want only one car so it must be capable of the long distance trip however rare. That must be achieved despite the inadequacy of charging points in number, speed and compatibility of interface and payment means.

The incremental approach

Mainstream pure electric cars typically now have a doubled range of 300-400 kilometers (185-250 miles). A premium vehicle such as the Sun Flyer pure electric aircraft or Tesla S gets...

5 years 2 months ago

Guest blog by Mark Wallace, UPS

More and more of the world’s population is moving to cities. According to the UN, by 2050 nearly two-thirds of the global population will live in cities, and urban populations will increase by two billion people. While this mass migration will bring new, exciting opportunities for city residents, it also brings daunting challenges to urban environments and the businesses operating there.

The increase in traffic congestion, emissions and the demands on energy sources have not stemmed the tide of people moving to cities, and they have created rising concern among environmentalists,...

5 years 3 months ago

Guest blog by David Connor, UK Regional Voice Lead

As the world conversely becomes better connected in an increasingly uncertain future, we are seeing the roles of cities and governments fluctuate to meet the needs of their people and our environment.

Once the command and control ethos of many governments demanded authority and proclaimed national policies, with scarce authentic understanding of the impact at the level of individuals away from the capital cities. The rise in corporate globalisation also gave rise to a similar approach in the private sector as the world suddenly opened as huge market for all those...

5 years 3 months ago

(3bL Media/Justmeans) — BMO Financial Group was named the winner of the Thomson Reuters/S-Network ESG Best Practices Award for 2017 at the annual “Summer in the City/CSR Investing Summit,” held in New York City. The award recognizes the company for “superior ESG ranking and corporate best practices.”

BMO's high ESG scores placed it above all ranked companies across all industry groups in the United States and Canada, and as the highest ranked in the financial sector worldwide. The company was chosen from a ranking of 5,000 companies.

"As a financial institution that has attained and maintained carbon neutrality across its enterprise...

5 years 4 months ago

Guest blog by John Streur, Calvert

The responsible investing movement that we have started and shaped has reached the end of the beginning, with a broad and strong foundation that will evolve to provide the superstructure of our society’s continuing struggle to address and solve its greatest challenges. Our efforts are working, and we are being joined in our mission by more investors worldwide every day.

The United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment – of which Calvert was a founder – now counts 1,700 large investors and more than $70 trillion in assets. This movement, unique because it was begun by...